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Look slim and the best way you can with Iris Butterfly

We all want to look good and maybe even conceal some of our bodies’ quirks. Both men and women may struggle with that, and slimming underwear is one of the things that can help you achieve the desired look. We at Iris Butterfly want to help you with that by selling quality slimming underwear.

Slimming panties

Slimming panties — they look good all by themselves and can streamline your figure! By shopping for various slimming women’s panties at you can fit in your favorite dress and highlight all your good spots.

Body shapers

A body shaper is a comprehensive solution for women to look the best while wearing a tight outfit. Our web store has lots of different body-shaping rompers available in different sizes, so check it out. Look slim with Iris Butterfly!


Iris Butterfly also offers its customers women’s bodysuits. These are slimming one-piece underwear garments that serve both as great lingerie and special slimming underwear. Shop for laced and other bodysuits of various colors only at

Modeling corsets

Beautiful corsets are available at our website as well. Take your time to browse the lineup of sexy, sport-styled and other modeling corsets at Iris Butterfly to spice up your wardrobe.

Butt lifters

If you want to wear your best skirt, dress or pants, and you want your butt to look awesome, buy butt lifters at We have padded panties and seamless padded briefs that will streamline your figure and help you look amazing.

Slimming leggings

Great-fitting women’s leggings are sold at our online shop in abundance. If you need slimming leggings for working out or anything else, count on Iris Butterfly and pick leggings that suit your taste.

Compression socks

Wear compression socks to maximize your sports results! Anti-fatigue compression socks purchased from our web store will both look great on you as well as make you slim and comfy!

Waist trainers

Want to improve the way your waist looks? Get a waist trainer from Iris Butterfly. These slimming garments can serve as both slimming underwear and lingerie all by themselves — shop at this web store to learn more!

Men slimming products

Of course, men are welcome to shop at Iris Butterfly too! We’re happy to offer you lots of men’s compression T-shirts as well as slimming tops and men’s waist trainers. Step up your fitness game with!

Other slimming products

Women are welcome to check out other slimming products presented right here at Shaping bras, shoulder correctors, slimming dresses or slimming tops — whatever you need to look good, we have it!

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